We have been made aware that the email servers of a handful of 3rd Party organisations with no connection to Hnry (AB Contracting / Concretescape / Chartwell Staff) have been compromised, and have been forwarding any emails they receive through to random email addresses.

A legitimate Invoice email was sent by a user of the Hnry accounting software platform to one of these organisations (AB Contracting) on 6th October, and this email has now been distributed by them to multiple unintended recipients.

The distribution of this email is completely out of our control, and is the result of other organisations' data having been compromised.

There has been no data breach through Hnry. We do not have any records of any email addresses of the end recipients on file.

N.B. Emails that from the Hnry software will only ever have a From address of either:

If you have any concerns or doubts as to whether the invoice email you have received is legitimate, please contact support@hnry.co

If you have received an Invoice Email that links to Hnry in error, please disregard it and dispose of the email accordingly.

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