Bank Processing Times

This is just a reminder over the Christmas Period that all banks will be closed on the following days;

Friday 25 Dec 2020 (Christmas Day)

Monday 28 Dec 2020 (in lieu of Boxing Day)

Friday 1 Jan 2021 (New Year's Day)

Monday 4 Jan 2020 (Bank Holiday)

Hnry will continue to process payments as normal however if your funds have not cleared in your Hnry account prior to 10pm on either Christmas Eve (24th Dec) or New Year's Eve (31st Dec) then the banks will not process these payments until the next business day.

Customer Support

The Hnry Team will be taking a break between 24th December 2020 - 5th Jan 2021 so please be aware that you may not receive a response to your query until we are back in the New Year.

If your query is urgent, please ensure you clearly state what the problem is and what you need us to do.

Please be mindful that 2020 has been a tough year for everyone and our team could do with a well-deserved break. Any urgent queries raised will require the team to take time out from their families to help you so we would really appreciate it if you could consider whether your query is actually urgent, or if it could wait until the team are back in the office, re-energised and eager to continue helping in whatever way they can.

Happy Holidays from the Hnry Team! 🎄

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