If you earn income as a self-employed ACC Carer, we can take care of all your tax obligations. As long as your Clients use your Hnry Bank Account details when paying you, all taxes and levies will be deducted for you.

Business Expenses

As an ACC Carer you can only claim motor vehicle expenses and ACC levies as business expenses.

  • Motor Vehicle Expenses - If you are using your vehicle to perform your care duties, ie: driving your client to an appointment, then you can claim the expenses for this trip. However travel to and from home to your place of work is not considered business use and cannot be claimed. See more
  • ACC Levies - ACC levy payments made by Hnry will automatically be claimed on your behalf so you do not need to upload these as business expenses in the system. See more

GST Registration

As a self-employed ACC Carer if your total income from all your self-employed income is over $60,000 a year, you must register for GST. See more

If you have any further questions about how Hnry will work for you, please contact the team at support@hnry.co.nz

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