Once you start using your Hnry Bank Account, you'll need to provide some form of Proof of ID, so that we can verify your identity.

When prompted, you'll have the option of providing the following:

  • AU/NZ Passport

  • AU/NZ Driving Licence

  • Visa (AU only)

  • Photo Card (AU only)

If you are unable to provide one of these documents, you will need to email support@hnry.co, attaching a certified copy of one of the following alternative forms of identification:

  • non-AU/NZ Passport

  • 18+ Card (NZ only)

  • Firearms or dealers' licence (NZ only)

For a document to be certified, it must be sighted, signed, dated and sent to support@hnry.co by ONE of the people in the list below with the following wording included "I certify that I have seen the original document and that the photograph is a true likeness and this copy is a complete and accurate copy of that original.":

  • A member of the police

  • Justice of the peace (JP)

  • Registered medical doctor

  • Kaumātua

  • Registered teacher

  • Minister of religion

  • Lawyer

  • Notary public

  • New Zealand Honorary consul

  • Member of Parliament

  • Chartered accountant

The Royal Federation of NZ Justices' Associations has contact information for JPs across NZ and JPs that are available to certify documents online. To find a JP who can assist online, enter “online” in the “Suburb” box in the link below:


Many Citizens Advice Bureau's also hold JP clinics at designated times where anyone can receive a JP service without an appointment. Please feel free to use the link below to find a JP close to you:


We prefer the certified passport to be sent to us directly by the certifier themselves. Ideally from an email address that enables us to identify that person (i.e their work email address).

Certification must have been carried out in the three months preceding the presentation of the copied documents to Hnry.

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