Hnry gives you the freedom and confidence to focus on working with your clients, and not on working through your financial admin. No more worrying about tax, no more paying for an elusive accountant, no more muddling through software and spreadsheets – Hnry takes care of all the financial heavy-lifting so you can go out and be the best you can be.

Getting started with Hnry is simple, and we can help answer any of your questions (no matter how specific or complex). Check out the following sections and FAQs to begin! 

1. Get your admin into shape by creating a Client and any specific Services that you provide to your Clients. 

When you first sign up to Hnry, your Service will be defaulted to your job type (ie, “fitness instructor/trainer”). From there, you can enter specific services if you wish, such as “group class” or “dance workshop”.

I run several classes, all with different ‘clients’ – what should I do? 

  • If you don’t tend to send Invoices: in the Clients screen of your Hnry Dashboard, you can enter ‘Various Clients’. Have your customers pay into your Hnry Bank Account and add in their name as the reference. 
  • If you do tend to send Invoices: if you work through a gym or other organisation, you can add in the email address of the finance contact there (ie, who you usually get paid by) as a new Client. If you have multiple contacts at an organisation, you can separate out the email addresses with a comma. When you go to create an Invoice, simply select this Client. We’ll automatically send invoice reminder emails. 

2. Get paid for the work you do, with the option of creating a Quote or an Invoice

What if my Clients pay me in instalments? No problem! You can have them part pay the invoice until the total amount has been accounted for. 

What if my clients pay me via EFTPOS? If you’re an ASB customer, you can get paid directly into your Hnry Bank Account with an EFTPOS terminal (no need to send an Invoice). If you’re not an ASB customer, you’ll need to get in touch with your EFTPOS Terminal issuer or banking provider, to enquire about how to set up your EFTPOS terminal to direct all transactions through to your Hnry Bank Account. Read more about EFTPOS integration here

Do I have to use Hnry’s Invoicing function? If you don’t usually send Invoices to your Clients, Hnry Invoicing is completely optional – you don’t need to use our Invoicing feature in order to use the Hnry service.

3. Get instant tax relief on all of your business purchases by raising Expenses in seconds. 

Whenever you upload a file or a screenshot of an expense, our team of experts will review it and get you the right tax relief right away. 

What if I rent space from a gym? You can claim this as a business expense under the ‘Private Office/Desk Space Rental’ category, along with a bank statement or screenshot.

Can I claim clothing as a business expense? Unless the organisation you work with requires you to wear a certain brand of clothing, you cannot claim a clothing purchase as a business expense. 

Also feel free to check out our most viewed help article, “What Can I Claim as a Business Expense?”, to learn what can and can’t be claimed for tax relief.

4. Once you get paid into your Hnry Bank Account we’ll send you a payslip, which you can use to prove your income to anyone. 

What do my payslips show? Your payslips display all deductions that were automatically made on your behalf: income tax payments, ACC, GST (if applicable), student loan, and the 1% Hnry fee. You’ll also see the total amount of approved expenses that were raised within the allotted time frame.

I was told I didn’t need to deduct income tax during my first year of self-employment? This is a myth. Any income you earn during the Financial Year (April 1 - March 31) is subject to taxation, regardless of your line of work.

5. Nominate a percentage of your income to be sent to anyone, every time you get paid, with Hnry Allocations

Pay off credit cards, utility bills, and outstanding tax debt; pay into your savings account,  your KiwiSaver or even to our partners like One Percent Collective, Simplicity, Booster Sharesies, and Hatch – all automatically!

6. At the end of the financial year, we'll file your income tax return (IR3) as part of the service. And if you're registered for GST, we'll file your regular GST returns as well!

If you're interested in learning more about Hnry, we've got an abundance of helpful guides, articles, and tax resources for you to check out – simply click on one of the below links to start exploring!

Or, if your questions weren’t answered in this guide, feel free to reach out to the team via the green bubble in the bottom-right corner. 👉

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