To get the maximum benefit of using Hnry, we recommend uploading your expense receipts every time you incur them, for the following reasons:

  1. It gets you real-time tax relief (see Why Claim Business Expenses), reducing the amount of your income you need to pay tax on
  2. It means you don't end up with a pile of receipts that you eventually have to find time to upload (you can bin those pesky receipts as we will hang onto them for the required 7 years!)
  3. If you upload all your expenses in large batches, you can end up wasting a lot of your time, as you may find out too late that some of the receipts you are uploading are not claimable business expenses.
  4. If you are GST-registered then you will need to get your receipts in ahead of the end of your GST period anyway - effectively setting you a deadline for uploading expenses - and no-one likes deadlines!

If you are GST-Registered

All GST receipts MUST be uploaded into your Hnry profile and approved prior to your GST filing date. 

You will receive a reminder email from us ahead of each GST period ending, however it's much easier if you're raising raising expenses in Hnry as you go - plus you can take advantage of the benefits above.

You must have uploaded all individual expenses;

  • Monthly (if you have either a monthly or two-monthly GST filing period) or,
  • Quarterly (if you have a six-monthly GST filing obligation)

If uploading receipts as you go is not a possibility for you then here are a few alternatives;

Rent and Mortgage Interest Claims

  • As bank statements are suitable as receipts for these categories, try filtering your online bank statement by payee for the period you are wanting to claim e.g. 1 April 2019 to 30 September 2020
  • Export or screenshot this for use as the receipt (if exporting, you will need to save this as a PDF as spreadsheets cannot be uploaded)
  • Raise one expense claim for the full amount paid in that period (don't forget to include the date period in the Expense Description)

Monthly Payments or Recurring Payments (such as Mobile Phone and Internet)

  • You can scan these together into one attachment (per expense category) and then raise one expense for the total amount paid across all bills for that category
  • Make sure to manually double-check check the GST-amount that the system calculates to make sure it matches the GST amount actually paid (you can manually type over the amount to change it if need be)
  • If you are only wanting to claim certain items from a bill then you will need to highlight which amounts you are wanting to claim on each Expense Receipt so the team can see how you've calculated the claimable amount (if these aren't clearly marked then your expense claim may get Rejected)
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