With the new "Allocations" feature, you can set aside a percentage of your income to be paid into your KiwiSaver each time you're paid. 

To set up an Allocation, head over to the 'My Account --> Allocations' page. From there, click the 'Add a New Allocation' button:

Select the KiwiSaver Allocation, and on the screen that follows, you'll need to indicate a percentage of your Gross Income (after GST) that you wish to Allocate to your KiwiSaver each time you get paid. 

This percentage number is all you'll need to provide - we don't need any details of your KiwiSaver scheme or provider.

N.B. KiwiSaver allocations must clear through IRD so might take several weeks to appear in your KiwiSaver fund. For more information, see here

What if I've never set up KiwiSaver before?

If you haven't already chosen a KiwiSaver provider, and you use the Hnry KiwiSaver allocation, IRD will assign you one of the default KiwiSaver schemes as described here

Once you have been allocated one of the default providers, you will receive details in the mail about which provider you have been given.

You are able to change your provider at any time, and you do not need to stay with your default scheme.

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