When you signed up for Hnry, you were allocated your own unique Hnry Bank Account details. These account details are unique to you, and are provided by our banking partner - ASB New Zealand. 

You should have all of your self-employed income paid into your Hnry Bank Account (this does not include PAYE/Salaried income or Dividends, but we still need to know about these income sources, as they help to determine your tax rate). 

Any money received into your Hnry Bank Account is considered to be your self-employed income, and will automatically have the tax calculated, deducted and paid on it, before the remainder is immediately paid through to your nominated personal bank account.

  • We have more detailed articles on what happens when your clients pay in to a Hnry account, as well as information on how you'll be notified once you've been paid.

  • Your Hnry account can receive funds from any client or individual both inside and outside New Zealand. International transfers will require more detailed information to be provided to your clients.

  • Any invoices you raise through Hnry will automatically have your Hnry Bank Account details loaded on to them. Invoices can either be paid in full by your clients, or through a series of partial payments

  • You can even connect your Hnry Bank Account to services such as Stripe, PayPal and many other such money transfer services.

  • If you use Hnry to send Invoices, your Clients can pay your Invoices via internet banking, or choose to pay you through our online payment integration – both of which come at no additional charge to you. 

N.B. All allocated bank accounts are logically separated from the business operations of Hnry Limited, and are allocated to you for your sole use. 

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