The only thing worse than a Client or Recruiter forgetting to pay one of your invoices is having to chase them up yourself!

That's why Hnry does the chasing on your behalf, so that you can focus on your work. 

Whenever one of your Invoices passes the due date without being fully paid, we'll automatically send reminders out to your Client or Recruiter, asking for them to pay. You will be CC'd on these emails, which will be sent out 2 days after the due date initially, followed by every 7 days until the full balance has been paid.

Default Due Dates

You can set the default number of due date days on your Invoices by updating the 'Default number of days for due dates for my Invoices' field within the 'My Account --> Profile' screen. 

Whenever you create an Invoice in Hnry, it will automatically set the 'Due Date' field to be this number of days in the future.

Setting Due Dates on Invoices

You can specify a custom due date on any Invoice you create, by editing the 'due date' field on the Invoice. Be aware, some clients only pay on a set schedule (i.e. they only pay on the 20th of the month) so remember to take this into account when setting due dates on Invoices to them. 

That way, Invoice reminders are not sent before their payment cycle date.

Turning Invoice Reminders On or Off

Invoice reminders for your Clients are always on by default. You can turn reminders off by editing your Client in Hnry, un-checking the box called 'Send Invoice Reminders to this Client'. 

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