With Hnry's "Allocations" feature, you can set aside a percentage of your income to be deducted each time you get paid. You can choose to set up as many Allocations as you'd like and at any percentage you'd like, so long as your total allocations don't exceed 45% of your income. 

One of the options on offer is Simplicity: the online, nonprofit KiwiSaver plan that only charges members what it costs, nothing more.

Setting up an Allocation to our friends at Simplicity is easy.

Step One: Join Simplicity

Before you set up a Simplicity Allocation in Hnry you will need to sign up to Simplicity:

If you are already a part of Simplicity, then you're all set; skip ahead to Step Two.

Step Two: Use Hnry to automate your regular contributions

Now it's time to allocate a percentage of your income to Simplicity's KiwiSaver scheme. 

Create an Allocation in your Hnry Dashboard ('My Account' > 'Allocations' > 'Add a New Allocation' and choose Simplicity. Then just enter a percentage you'd like deducted each time you get paid. 

If you have any questions regarding Simplicity and how to Allocate money between platforms, feel free to reach out to support@hnry.co.nz

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