The Hnry team has looked into this feature. However, when scoping it out it became apparent that recurring invoices would not be able to take into account public holidays or sick leave etc which could potentially lead to the creation of inaccurate invoices. 

In addition to that, customers said they would still want to view and edit the invoices prior to them being sent. Therefore; for the reasons above, we think duplicating, then editing an already existing invoice helps to meet the same needs.

To do this, under your Invoice tab you should see a small icon on the far right with two pages overlapping. If you click on this is will create a duplicate invoice and you can then edit and send as required.  

At Hnry we love hearing your feedback, so if you still feel that recurring invoices are something you want to see then feel free to drop us a line at If enough people want it then we will definitely have another look at seeing how we can make it work.

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