This icon indicates that your invoice is in draft mode and has not yet been sent. From here you can modify, delete or send an invoice. You can also add client reimbursements at this time.


This indicates that your invoice has been sent to a client. At this point, you can download a PDF of the invoice. If you'd like to alter it for some reason, you can still do so and it will revert the invoice back to draft. When the invoice is reverted back to draft, it will unlink the client reimbursements until it's sent again (any new expenses will also be linked). Your client or recruiter can access this invoice; when they do, its status will change to "Read".


This icon indicates that your invoice has been read by a client. If you hover over this icon, you can see how many times an invoice has been read and when the last reading was. If the client is late paying, Hnry will follow up with that client.  


This icon indicates that the invoice has been cancelled or paused within our database, or that you have marked it cancelled. When an invoice is in a "pending" state you cannot change the state of it but can still download a PDF of the invoice.


This icon means you've been paid! Nice one. 


Your client has made a payment towards this invoice, however the full balance of the invoice has not yet been paid


This icon means the invoice has been cancelled. You cannot change its status and all expenses have been unlinked.  

Not Delivered


This icon means the invoice could not be delivered to your client, due to a bad email address or other delivery issue. Check your client email address and try re-sending the invoice

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