You can claim for some costs incurred when you're away from home on business:

Travel expenses

  • Flights
  • Train or bus tickets
  • Taxis
  • Mileage if you use your own car for business travel


  • If you're attending a work-related meeting, conference or training course that requires an overnight stay.
  • If you are working away from home for an extended period, e.g secondment

Food and Drink

  • Meals and snacks when travelling (you can't claim for meals purchased within your hometown)


  • You can claim 50% the cost of entertainment if your entertainment is helping to earn your income.

International travel

  • You can claim 100% of work-related entertainment expenses when working overseas.
  • If you combine a business trip with a holiday, you must split out your expenses and only claim the portion that relate to the working part of the trip. 
  • You can't claim the cost of taking your non-working partner on an overseas business trip. 

N.B: If you’re claiming travel expenses to another city or overseas, you’ll need to keep copies of emails etc arranging business meetings and any details of time out from the business itinerary for personal purposes.

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