Use the 'Services' screen in Hnry to log each different Service or Item you sell to your customers, along with the price of each. Some examples of Services might be things like 'Business Analysis', 'Wedding Photography Session', 'Booking Fee' or 'Painting #35 of 70'

Services (the things you sell) will be considered as income - so you’ll pay Income Tax, ACC etc on these things whenever a client pays you for them.

N.B. If you charge your Clients for materials or other additional expenses, please enter those as a Client Reimbursements, rather than as a Service

Create a New Service:

  1. When you click the "Service" tab in the App sidebar (located in the 'My Account' section), you'll be brought to a screen that displays all of the Services for which you can charge a Client. If you have yet to add a Service, this page will look rather blank. 
  2. Click the "Add New" button to create a new service. You can set your rate at an hourly, daily or fixed cost. Select the category of your profession in the drop-down menu, ranging anywhere from acupuncturist to website designer.
  3. You can select from any of your saved Services, even multiple ones, when you send a Quote or Invoice to a Client. You can delete a Service at any time.  
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