When you click the "Client" tab in the App sidebar, you'll be prompted to enter an organisation/individual name, as well as a contact name and email address. 

From the following boxes, click the one that most applies to you. Each box will prompt you to specify more information on that particular client: 

  1. If you went through a recruiter or other 3rd party organisation to find this client, enter the name of that organisation as well as the contact person there and that person's email address.
  2. If your Client deducts Withholding Tax before paying you, you can select 'Yes' and enter the Percentage of your income tax you elected on your IR330C form
  3. If you have a Purchase Order or reference number from your client that must be entered on Invoices to them, enter that number here.
  4. If you will raise Invoices and/or Quotes with the client directly through Hnry, simply select where you want to send these to (you can select more than one option)
  5. If your client pays Director's Drawings, or if they are based outside of New Zealand and therefore are zero-rated for GST, you must declare so on your Client. If your client is zero-rated GST, any Invoice or Quote you raise to them will not have GST on it. 
  6. Check out our Director's Drawings and zero-rated GST articles for more information about the specifics of this. 
  7. When you click "Save", that Client will be saved to your Hnry dashboard for use in Quoting and Invoicing any time. You can also edit the Client info at any point.

N.B. If you need to send your Quotes and Invoices to multiple email addresses at a single client, you can add multiple email addresses into the Email Address field, separated by a comma. E.g:


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