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How do I upgrade from my accountant to Hnry?
How do I upgrade from my accountant to Hnry?

We make it simple and straightforward to get set up in Hnry, no matter your previous accounting situation

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After just a few steps, you can be up and running with Hnry in minutes, and never have to think about tax or compliance ever again. 

Hnry is the award-winning, comprehensive solution to all of your tax admin: with Hnry on your side, you won't need an accountant or accounting software.

Here's how you can get ahead with Hnry: 

  1. When you sign up with Hnry, we’ll handle all of your tax calculations, payments and filings from that date onward. 

  2. We'll just need some info around your prior income and any expenses you incurred prior to joining Hnry. For your income, we just require a few estimates so that we can get you on the right tax rate at that point in the Financial Year. For your expenses, you can either enter these individually or bulk upload them by category into the system.

  3. If you have complex tax issues, our Expert Services team will work with you to provide you with the best, most comprehensive service possible. Just email

N.B. Please note that when switching to Hnry from a different accountant or software provider, you are required to obtain and store any prior records or receipts for 7 years, to be able to produce them should IRD/ATO request them.

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